Yamaha FG730S – Best Acoustic Guitar

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A brand that you can trust, this Japanese made Acoustic guitar is nothing out of the ordinary, neither is it less spectacular, it is the most basic of Yamaha guitars, almost to an iconic sense, it can be said that the Yamaha FG730S is that what makes acoustic steel strings what they are, heck even Andy Mckee has an FG.

Yamaha FG730S

Yamaha FG730S

Being very popular among players who have gotten serious about playing, the FG is a popular choice, every guitarist who has ever bought a Yamaha would definitely go for this at least once (even if it was just a borrowed guitar). I personally owned an FG 345 II, and it has been with me since the first time It was handed down to me (this guitar was from the 70’s) and now I have decided to get a new FG just for my young ones who are probably going to run me out of my music soon, so I picked the FG730S.


I didn’t buy it from Amazon, which is why you can’t find my review there, but I am not interested in having an instrument so beautiful arrive in a box or by mail, a good reminder to anyone who wants to buy a guitar, try it out first!, that’s why I go to a store.

Trying it out at the store I found that the face is still made of Sitka spruce, very reliable wood, stiff and produces that much needed resonance, strumming it gave out a strong tone, something much needed for any acoustic guitar. I add up the entire sound quality of the guitar to the combination of its face, sides and back, the Japanese really have been in the industry long enough to know that rosewood really complements the resonance of Spruce with its deep bodied amplification, thanks to that, the guitar can also be played in classical fingerings with very noticeable bass notes.

The Nato wood used in the neck has probably turned into a trademark of Asian made guitars, the wood is inexpensive, and it provides a good sustain, not as well ebony but it does the job.

The finger board is also made of Rosewood, easy on the fingers, its smooth and well finished, a little arpeggio scaling here and there got the true colors of this guitar out.

I can’t say anything bad about the Yamaha FG730S, its exactly what the price can offer, use this for on stage unplugged performances, you will drive everyone wild, but if you are looking for something even better then consider one which costs more, like a Taylors.

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