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Here you’re in my Best Acoustic Guitar and Acoustic Guitar Reviews blog. I’m Paul and I created this blog to help you find the best acoustic guitar before you set out to get all the girls. No, obviously you’re not learning the acoustic guitar just to get any girl but a great acoustic guitar and a mediocre one makes all the difference when you’re playing in front of somebody. So read up on my acoustic guitar reviews and guides and get the best acoustic guitar for you.
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Best Acoustic Guitar – Acoustic Guitar Reviews

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How To Choose The Best Acoustic Guitar

A steel six string can make or break a new guitarist, especially when he picked the wrong one. You might wonder what makes a wrong guitar and a right guitar. Well obviously it would be “you”, a guitar has to suit the player, if the player went along the road to get something which he likes but would never fit him in a million years then that’s just a big a mistake as learning it the wrong way.

Before you can ever find the best acoustic guitar you have to know the basics of what makes a guitar, you need to know the feel, try it out, or do some research, a little bit of those two will get you further than a thousand dollar price tag. Here are some of the things to consider when shopping for the best acoustic guitar:

Neck Action
The neck action of a guitar, especially steel stringed ones, is the most important and primary factor, I can’t tell you how tippy top this is on the “what to do before buying a guitar” list. The neck action is the distance between the strings from the fret board, the closer the strings are to the fret board the lower the action is, it’s best to pick a guitar which has the lowest possible action, but make sure the strings don’t touch the fret bars when its open, or this could make some seriously unwanted buzzing.

But the first time I bought a guitar (when I was a little twerp) the neck action was way too high, and I didn’t know since I didn’t have a mentor to teach me (it took me 1 year after that to finally realize). I played the guitar figuring that my fingers were too weak which is why I couldn’t hold down the strings easily, and that high action guitar has made my fingers bleed, but the benefits come in the form of a stronger grip, but it will decrease your morale a lot if you thought you were too weak to play the guitar.

Sound box and wood works
The sound box is the entire body of the acoustic guitar; it is what makes the guitars sound. This is affected by the wood they use, it ain’t because of some magical mumbo jumbo that a guitar will sound better than another, so pick a guitar based on the wood, some of the loudest and best sounding are made from a spruce top and mahogany side and back combo, you can replace the mahogany for Nato, that’s because they ain’t much different.

Makers like Takamine, Taylors and Martin, will provide you with a definitely solid build, but these guitars will cost you a pretty penny, and that won’t be pretty if it was your penny that took you 3 months to work for (warning these guitars cost a lot). So if you are a beginner and you are worried about getting a poor quality guitar that would break or have fits down the road and can’t spend too much on an expensive one, you can always take a look at Yamaha. Yamaha builds are by far the best acoustic guitar for any beginner; they are a music school after all.

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Keep these tips in mind, and I hope that you read my acoustic guitar reviews in my blog before you pick your best acoustic guitar.